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Sign up for the Fast

As wild as this may be, we are going to try and keep a list of all Christian men and women who are joining in the January 2008 Fasting Movement. Leave your name and city in the comment field below and I will add you to the list. Let me know how you want to be listed and your city and state!

Example listings:

  • Jan and Dennis, Gainesville, GA
  • Jan and Dennis Smith, Gainesville, GA
  • J & D, Gainesville, GA
  • GeorgiaPeach, Gainesville, GA (User Name instead of Real Name)

 Look who’s Fasting!

Susan Gregory, Ellensburg, WA

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  1. Usually, they are able to muster a smug fog of self-righteousness to get themselves to their preferred opinions and to make each other feel warm an superior. ,

    October 23, 2009
  2. jennifer madonna #

    I have started the 21 day fast today.I felt very strong this morning,and then this afternoon I began to feel weakened.So I turned on TBN and started listening to what they had on and it was Marty Copeland.She spoke of her battles with food and I sometimes have some of the same issues that she went through and that God was telling me to let go of this stronghold and know this is going to be a time that satan will try to attack all sides so I am asking for prayer that I will get through the trial he wants me to learn from and that I may do it to his glory and be ever so still and listen to him without interuption. Thankyou and God bless you with a Happy New Year.

    January 1, 2008

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