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What about Substitutes on the Daniel Fast

These days, you can get a substitute for just about anything. So while on the Daniel Fast, meat is restricted. Does that mean Betty Crocker Bac-os are okay? Sugar is a no-no, but what about stevia which is a natural sweetener?

I found this word of advice from a Rabbi:

“Jewish law is based, in part, on intent. For example, you spill a bit of milk into a huge pot of beef stew. Is the stew then forbidden? If you didn’t intend to ruin it and if the volume of milk is less than 1/60th the volume of the stew, then you can still use the stew. But, if you intended to actually mix a little milk with your stew, then the stew is forbidden regardless of the volume of milk.

“So, if you are eating a product that is a substitute for pork, isn’t your intent really the same as eating pork itself? What will happen when soy-based products are identical to the real thing…if you observe kashrut, will it be OK to eat all the soy bacon, sausage and ham you want?”

I thought that was good “food for thought.” Again, your Daniel Fast is between you the Lord. So He’s the final guidance for you. But to fully adhere to the Daniel Fast and its intents (which is a partial fast from foods for a spiritual purpose) it seems substitutes are not allowed.

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