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God bless you as you prepare for the Daniel Fast

I am so excited. And I can’t express enough thanks to all of you who are supporting this effort by purchasing the Daniel Fast books. You are so kind and truly being God’s blessing in my life!

From everything I hear in my personal prayer time and from others in the Christian community, I truly believe the power of God is about to break forth in our world as we have never before seen it. Obviously, we don’t know the exact day or hour. But what I do know is that He is preparing an army of men, women and young people to help take the church to a new level.

My prayer is that the power of God will so manifest in our churches and through our Christian brothers and sisters that the world will have to stop and take notice. Not only notice, but they will want what God has for them — His love, His healing, His grace, His blessing, and His mercy!

God is a good God and He is calling us to come to Him. Oh, friends, I am almost bursting with anticipation! Come Lord Jesus!

Thank you again for being so supportive. God told me He would bless me so that I can in turn bless others! I want to be a blessing to you! I want you to sense the love of the Christ in every word I write.  That is what He wants me to do and I want to obey Him with every fiber of my being.

We are all part of the blessing cycle. Let’s continue to open our hearts to Him and His love. Let’s get so full of God that every little thing that keeps us from being our best for Him is pushed away, never to be picked up again.

God bless you, friends! We are almost there!

Susan,The Daniel Fast Blogger

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  1. Lucrecia #

    Like you, I’m very excited about entering into 2008 also. I feel in my life, that with this fast, many yokes will be broken, chains will be loosed and I will be taken to a higher place in God. I anticipate this fast so much; I’ve made out my list and will be shopping today in preparation for this fast. I pray for you and everyone else who will partake in this fast that God will position us all to hear Him clearly and to grasp a better understanding of His will for us collectively and individually.

    God bless!

    December 30, 2007
  2. Seven of our sisters in Christ met on tonight at our home in anticipation of preparing our hearts and minds for the Daniel fast with begins for us in the morning at 6:00 a.m. My husband went over scripture and information that he pulled off of this site. It is so helpful to us, and we made copies for everyone. We believe that there is strenght in being unified. Thank you for sharing. Our fast dates are 1/5/08-2/5/08 We are The Tabernacle of Praise Ministry, Gary, Indiana

    January 4, 2008
  3. revamirti #

    I am new and not sure what to do here – I’m just learning about the Daniel fast and wonder why honey cannot be eaten? It is natural and a wonderful substitute for sugar

    February 7, 2008
  4. Good morning Revamirti,

    The Daniel Fast is based on the prophet’s own accounts for two of his fasting experiences. Daniel 1 records that he ate only vegetables and drank only water. Daniel 10 says he ate no “delicate foods” and ate no meat and drank no wine. Different translations say “pleasant foods” or “pleasant breads,” but the bottom line is that we know Daniel was mourning and used a partial fast to seek God.

    With this information from the scriptures and my research about fasting practices, Jewish dietary laws and fasting I developed the Daniel Fast Guidelines you find on this site. Honey and other sweeteners fit into the “pleasant foods” category. You will find that in other scriptures. Honey was never coupled with mourning.

    So the fact that honey is natural and a substitute for sugar really don’t enter into the primary reason for why it is not allowed on the fast. Honey is a pleasant food and therefore not appropriate for this fasting experience.

    I hope this helps. Bless you on your fast.

    February 7, 2008
  5. Barbara Shandu #

    Dear Susan, I am glad to be part of this amazing plan as I started my 21 day Daniel fast today. At Church we are required to give our first fruit offering on the first of February. There is no one participating in the fast except my frienfd and I. What I would like to know is, is is really nrccessary to give the 1st friuts after this fast? I have already drank half a 500ml juice not realising that its got sugar in it…will there be a problem?

    January 12, 2009
  6. Hi Barbara,

    First off, the only beverage for the Daniel Fast is water (see Daniel 1). So pass on other beverages from here on out.

    Regarding first fruit, that’s actually a command of the Lord and is consitant with the tithe (giving our first 10%). There is also giving a first fruit offering at the beginning of the year. I am not an expert on this, but I encourage you to search it out. Go to and do a keyword search on first fruit. You’ll learn a lot and then you have some good information about this subject.

    January 13, 2009

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