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A Good Report About the Supernatural Benefits of Fasting

I just heard about this story; did some research; and I am now passing it on to encourage you.

Jeanne Assam is a former police officer and sometimes works as a volunteer security guard. In early December of 2007 she was seeking God’s direction in her life and her boss suggested that she go on a three-day fast. So she decided to heed the advice. While o nthe fast, she went church, and while in the service, the Lord told her that there was a “shooter” who was going to come to the church that day and try to kill hundreds of people.

Jeanne got busy, rounded up all the security forces she could and put them on “high alert” so they would be ready. The church security guards had a plan ready. The church service went on as usual and concluded with no incident. People starting leaving the buildings, the parking lot was clearing out and the city police left the scene.

But Jeanne wasn’t willing to let this pass. Instead, she stayed at the church on high alert. Then she saw the suspect on a video camera, rushed to his location, hid herself and yelled, “Surrender.”

He began to shoot at her, but she stood her gound, walked straight on toward the man shooting her gun and yelling, “Surrender.” The man fell to the ground and took his own life, and later was found to be wearing bullet protective clothing. One Vietnam vet who saw the whole thing said, “I’ve never seen such bravery even in combat.”

The church was New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. Jeanne saved countless lives as there were hundreds of children still milling around. It was the fast that sharpened her hearing so the Holy Spirit could tell her so she could take action!

When you’re feeling a little grumpy because you can’t drink coffee or diet soda, think about this story. Fasting is a powerful exercise of God for His people. This is just one story, but there are hundreds. I know we are going to have powerful stories out of our community right here on the blog.

Be encouraged and inspired by Jeanne Assam and her obedience to fast.

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  1. Stephen Verner #

    Wow! I remember watching the news about this story, and how everyone was bragging on her actions. Who would have ever thought it was possible because she was fasting and listening to God’s voice.

    Absolutely amazing!

    January 11, 2008
  2. Before the fast started, i was in ligtagations with my job. They would not pay me workmen’s compensation and for 45 days I received no money at all. I h ired a lawyer and for 2 more months this went on and on. But on last week I received a call from the attorney and he informed me that we had won a $20,000.00 law suit. I give God praise!!!

    January 21, 2008
  3. margaret #

    amazing this has encouraged me to pursue my fast with greater intensity and focus

    January 19, 2012

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