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The Daniel Fast Blogger says, “Thank you!”

Thank you so much to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have added their comments to this blog, written words of encouragement and supported me by purchasing the Daniel Fast Cookbook and The Daniel Fast for the Body, Soul and Spirit.

You have blessed me! And I give God thanks for you every day!

Many of you know that 2007 was a huge struggle for me . . . but praise be to the Most High God! He is faithful and has sustained me and ministered to me in mighty and tangible ways! One of the most significant ways is through you and your support.

We serve an awesome and holy God. My heart if full of praise for Him today!

My hope for you is that you too are drawing closer to Jesus every day, receiving the everlasting love He has for you, and accepting His blessings in your life.

Be blessed and praise the Lord!

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  1. Joanie #

    Hi Ms. Gregory,

    I started the Daniel Fast on July 8, and I find myself weeping more. I have a family member given a report from the doctor about his days are numbered. I’m asking God to have mercy and the family member will seek God and repent.

    I would like to know if peanut butter is okay to eat.

    Thank you,

    July 17, 2008
  2. Yes Joanie, peanut butter which is sugar-free and chemical-free is a great food for the Daniel Fast.

    I am so sorry to hear of your family member being attacked with illness. God will invoke mercy on him because that’s what Jesus paid for at the cross. But of course, he needs to seek the intervention. You can pray for him and commission God’s angels to work on his behalf. In cases like this, I always ask the Lord to send His angels to cause people, circumstances or events to happen that will allow the person to experience the unconditional love of Christ.

    Regarding emotions and crying a lot: that is not all that uncommon, but make sure you seek the Lord about this and why the tears. He is the Healer. He wants to wipe away your tears and heal your broken heart. Perhaps this is what you will receive from your fasting experience. Take time to seek the Lord, be quiet before Him and allow His deep and abiding love to wash over you!

    Be blessed, dear one.

    July 17, 2008

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