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The Daniel Fast growing in popularity

As you may know, the Daniel Fast was very popular in January as tens of thousands of Christians started the New Year with prayer and fasting. But the good news is that now thousands of followers of Christ are turning to prayer and fasting as they seek a closer relationship with Him.

I truly believe the Lord is calling His people to draw close to Him in a deeper and more profound way. He longs for us to be in intimate relationship with Him. And I sense the Holy Spirit is moving on the hearts of Christians to “come closer.”

Setting aside a specific time for prayer and fasting is certainly one of the best ways to increase your faith and strengthen your friendship with Jesus. Most people use the Daniel Fast for a 21-day period, however there is nothing that says this is the only way to enter a partial fast. I have used the Daniel Fast for seven days, 10 days, and 50 days, along with the more traditional 21-day fast.

I also commonly fast with water only for three-day periods when I have a special need and I am seeking the wisdom of God. When we set our minds and heart toward the Lord, and come to Him in a pure and longing manner, He will answer us. Our Lord is faithful. He is good. And even though I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for more than 35 years, I am still amazed that the Creator of All allows me to sit in His presence and receive His everlasting love and grace!

Be blessed as you fast. Seek the Lord and His direction. And visit this blog often to let us know how you are doing.

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