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Jentezen Franklin and the Daniel Fast

As I write this post, I am listening to an interview with Steve Strang from Charisma Magazine and Jentezen Franklin. They are talking about the great benefits of fasting. Jentezen talks about several kinds of fasting, including the Daniel Fast.

I will try to post the link to the interview so you can listen to it when it’s available. One thing that is clear, more and more people are turning to prayer and fasting as they seek a closer relationship with God. Even today, I am finding an increase on the number of people visiting this site, receiving the recipes they need to complete a successful fast, and reading the encouraging posts from people around the world who also are fasting now or have fasted in the recent months.

God is moving! He is preparing His people for these days. The Daniel Fast is a powerful way to draw near to God and to bring your needs before the Lord!

If you are visiting this site for the first time, I encourage you to spend some time here. There are hundreds of posts, so to get a good start, start at the beginning by going to the first page and then move around and read and learn about this powerful form of spiritual discipline.

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  1. kelli barber #

    can u eat lima beans during the fasT? as well as salt and spicies

    July 15, 2008
  2. Hi Kelli,

    Yes, all vegetables, all fruits and all legumes and seeds are allowed on the Daniel Fast. Spices, salt, and herbs are also allowed. Be sure to read the label for the ingredients to make sure they are sugar-free and chemical-free!

    Be blessed on your fast!

    July 15, 2008
  3. Philip Massie #

    I know this has nothing to do wtih the above post but I am about to start the Daniel Fast and was just wondering. Is it advisable to excercise during the fast?

    August 26, 2008
  4. Paul Ray #


    Our church is preparing our first corporate Daniel Fast starting September 7. I was wondering what we should do about our Communion elements since I would guess that both the bread and the grape juice we typically use would not be allowable on the Daniel Fast. By the way, we celebrate Communion every Sunday.

    August 28, 2008
  5. Hello Pastor Paul,

    Thanks for your post and blessings to you and your congregation during the Daniel Fast.

    Regarding communion element – the Lord’s Supper always take precedents over the Daniel Fast, so there is no need to make any changes. In fact, it’s very likely that communion will be especially meaningful to your church members during this time of consecration.

    Blessings to you and your church.

    August 28, 2008
  6. Hi Philip,

    Exercising during the Daniel Fast is actually a very good idea, however you don’t want to overdo it unless you add more protein to your diet. As you may have read on this blog, I call the Daniel Fast and experience for the whole person – body, soul and spirit. Many people experience vastly improved health during their Daniel Fast since this is such a healthy way to eat.

    However, individuals who have special dietary needs such as athletes who exert a lot of energy need to increase their protein with tofu or combined protein (beans and rice, for example) to make sure their body is not too depleted. A fast should always be good for you and never bring harm.

    Be blessed during your fast!

    August 28, 2008
  7. Brianelle #

    I was wondering when using soy products, is there a special soy milk to buy, or any soy milk will do. What type of cereal can be used, e;g honey bunches of oats or raisin brain?

    September 1, 2008
  8. M Gould #

    I am beginning my second Daniel Fast this evening. Our first was in the early part of the year, and it was AMAZING! We grew in our relationship with God, and saw numerous miracles during and after the fast. I encourage anyone who is needing a breakthrough in their life, whether natural or spiritual to consider this type of fasting. It will change your life!

    September 1, 2008
  9. Hi Brianelle,

    One new practice you will need to adopt during the Daniel Fast is to READ THE LABEL for ingredients when you shop for prepared foods. You will likely be shocked at the number of ingredients that you never realized were added by the manufacturers.

    Soy milk is often sweetened with “cane juice,” which is sugar before it’s granulated. So you will need to find a soy milk that is not sweetened. They can be found, but you might have to go to a health food store.

    Regarding cereals, you need to stick with whole grains such as oatmeal or wheat flakes. Muesli is terrific, also. I use only a little soy milk on my cereal and then add raisins or chopped fresh fruit. It’s great.

    I hope this helps, and blessings to you on your fast.

    September 3, 2008
  10. Hi Mr/s Gould.

    Thanks so much for your great post. The Daniel Fast has changed my life in many ways – the greatest being my initimacy with Christ. God is so good.

    Be blessed on your fast!

    September 3, 2008
  11. Cheryl Patchett #


    I am a new visitor to this page. And would like to know if their are free recipes available so I can go on the Daniel fast?

    September 15, 2008
  12. Cheryl Patchett #

    PS:If so may have some please?

    September 15, 2008
  13. Hi Cheryl,

    There are many recipes on this Daniel Fast Blog. Just go to the different pages by clicking on the category list above. There is a section called “Daniel Fast Recipes” and they are separated into groups.

    The Daniel Fast eCookbook is also available for $8.95. It’s an eBook so you can download it right away and have all the recipes you need for your entire fast. You can also find a lot of information about the fast, meal planning and other helps.

    Be blessed on your fast!

    September 16, 2008
  14. Debbie #

    I’ve only fasted corporately. We were called to a 14 day fast and I only lasted 2 1/2 , I sometimes wonder what God would have done had I stayed obedient for the full 14 days. Now, I would like to fast for personal reasons and I’m having a real hard time with it. Just getting started. So does this mean that God is not calling me to fast and I’m trying to do this in my own strength? OR Is it my flesh just raising up and ge tting in the way? I don’t want to blame the devil but is it him? Please comment, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are! Thanks Debbie

    September 17, 2008
  15. Hi Debbie,

    Fasting is setting ourselves aside, or consecrating ourselves, and focusing on God in a deeper way. While it’s important that we fast for the right reasons, I don’t know that many get a strong message from the Lord saying, “It’s time for you to fast.”

    Rather, the devotion and discipline of fasting usually is part of our “walking in the spirit as He is in the Spirit.” It is part of the way of Christ and part of “the just shall live by faith.” That is to say, when there is a need or issue in our life and we need God’s wisdom, intervention, revelation . . . then we step up to a marked level of concentration and focus by setting ourselves aside for prayer and fasting. Our spirit takes charge and puts our flesh (aka soul) and our body on full alert that the spirit is taking over!

    Now, that’s when the flesh will start screaming — and the body will do some screaming of its own. But with our born again spirit in charge we take authority over our body and soul (this is part of dying in the flesh) and we move forward in our focus to our loving Father.

    This statement may surprise some — but fasting is not for God, but rather for you! Your fasting won’t show God that you are a better person or more worthy of His love or more devoted so He can now answer your prayer. That is ALL accomplished because of Jesus. Instead, fasting puts a “ribbon around us,” and helps us set aside the time for God. It says, this isn’t life as usual. No, this is a time when I am trusting God to hear my prayers as I position myself to hear better, prayer more specifically, and seek Him more diligently.

    So, with all that said, I encourage you to fast . . . but be sure that it’s not all about the food that you will or will not eat. Couple your fasting with devotion (a word not used in many churches today). Devote this time to the Lord. Draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you. Increase in our relationship with the Lord as you submit more of yourself to Him. Give Him your whole heart — not just in words but in fact!

    This is all part of life in Christ. Learn what it is to abide in Christ . . . and for Christ to abide in you. This can be discovered as you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God with prayer and fasting.

    I hope this helps . . . and I do encourage you to fast. The Lord desires you and wants so much to shower you with His love, comfort, blessing and care.

    September 17, 2008
  16. Gloria R #

    I have been a Christian for the last 15 months, The Lord has delivered me from Alcohol, Cigarrettes, Anti Depressant pills and a very bad relationship amongst other things. In praise, worship and obedience I will start the Daniel Fast on January 4th 2009 with the Franklin ministry. I will seek the Lord first and formemost but I also need a breakthrough in certain areas of my life. I am excited to do this starting a new year !!! I will keep you all posted on how it goes. I know Our Lord and King wants to give us the very best life once we allow him to do so by completely surrendering ourselves. Blessings !

    December 14, 2008
  17. Dearest Gloria,

    Be blessed on your Daniel Fast as you seek the direction and power of our awesome God. He is so good. He wants you walking in the spirit where there is strength, joy and power!

    Please visit this blog often as many will join in the 2009 New Year Fast.

    December 16, 2008
  18. Victoria L #

    Hi I’m a newcomer on this site, but am familiar with the 21 day fast. I heard it & went out to buy Jentezen Franklins book on Fasting. I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve never fasted before besides the first time I attempted was when I was about 14 yrs old. I wasn’t born again, but I had tried the total fasting for a day & won a spelling b competition. I then was always fascinated by it, but haven’t tried it again til I read pastor Franklins book. I did the 3 day fast, liquid only, & what I got out of it was that I needed to learn more about praying. I found out that I had focused too much on trying to sleep to avoid the hunger pains & I felt in my spirit God was telling me thru my children that I need to PRAY & fast at the same time. I attempted the 21 day fast after Thanksgiving 2008, but fell short & did it only for a week. Now with Gods power & help I pray I will take on the Daniel fast that starts Jan 4th 2009. God willling my relationship with HIM will grow deeper so I can hear HIM clearly as to what I can do to further His kingdom. I’m in need for Gods direction on where I need to worship, either with the church I’m attending now or elsewhere. Thank YOU God!

    January 3, 2009
  19. diane whidbee #

    God Bless You,
    please send info on the Daniel fast.
    thank you so much

    January 20, 2009
  20. Della B #

    Hello , i have tried to fast , but every time the headaches take over . for some reason i get relly sick . got any advice for me .

    March 29, 2009
  21. Hello Della,

    Headaches are usually caused by caffeine detox. So before you start your fast taper off the caffeine drinks and/or foods (like chocolate) and drink more water (you should drink at least 1/2 gallon each day). Also, increase your Vitamin C and eat bananas, cantaloupe and leafy green vegetables.

    Taking these actions and seeking the Holy Spirit to help you will make fasting much more successful for you.

    I hope this helps!

    March 31, 2009
  22. Big Al #

    yes of course you can excercise, you will probably begin to lose your max strength after 3 days, but you are free.

    Big al

    January 1, 2010
  23. Zuki #

    Greetings Pastor,

    Yesterday i watched your service and there was an invitation to join you on a 21 day fast starting on the 10 Jan 2010. I am joining without a doubt. Please foward a breakdown of what I should be taking or avoid during that period. I need a breakthrough in all aspects of my life, as Christian, wife, leader and an employee.

    God Bless

    Zuki (SA)

    January 5, 2010
  24. Zuki #


    I accept the invitation to join you in the 21 day fast starting on 10 Jan 2010. Kindly forward a breakdown of foods I should avoid during this period.

    God Bless

    Zuki (SA)

    January 5, 2010
  25. Jay Oertel-Levinson #


    January 8, 2010
  26. This is not Pastor Franklin’s site. I am thankful that he has done so much to promote the New Year fast. ..

    January 10, 2010
  27. Beverly Curry #

    Please help me start this fast. I just now heard about this and need to start right away. I will look up the information about the Daniel Fast. This Nation is in dire needs of spiritual blessings and I want to be a part of this, especially for the people of this Nation. This economy needs an uplift also. I rejoice to see a website where this can be done. Praise the Lord and His Holy Name Forever!
    Blessings and Prayers over everyone! In Jesus Love..Beverly

    January 10, 2010
  28. I encourage you to get a copy of my new book to learn about the Daniel Fast. Check with your local bookstore (Barnes and Noble just got restocked online and in their stores). To receive a list for the Daniel Fast Guidelines, go to and join the mailing list . . . you will get an email with the PDF file that has the brochure.

    Be blessed as you pray for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    January 11, 2010
  29. thandi #

    Thanks for all inspirational words you send me may god bless you

    January 12, 2010
  30. thandi #

    HI Suzan!may god bless you for your teachings about the Daniels fasting and words of wisdom you are sharing with us.Please pray for my two sisters who are ill and also my dad who had a stroke,he is not walking again

    January 12, 2010
  31. Thank you for visiting Thandi,

    So many brothers and sisters in South Africa enter the Daniel Fast! Praise God!

    Yes, your family is in my prayers.

    January 12, 2010
  32. Latarsha #

    I am embarking upon a greater intimacy and walk with God. As well as needing a few breakthroughs to take place in my life and ministry.. I know that I need to fast and pray. So therefore I am seeking your advise on what kind of substitutes I can make right now just to get started. For turning down a plate is not a issue for me. It is the distractions and not being in my own space that is hendering me. I can not find a place of solitude for the proper devotion and prayer. What do you suggest I do?

    In dyer need of guidance;

    December 27, 2010
  33. Hi Latarsha,

    Your message didn’t say why you’re not able to find quiet time, so I’m not sure I can give good advice. However, getting up early in the morning, even getting up for a short time in the night . . . locking yourself away in your bedroom, going to the library, coffee shop, or church . . . even your car.

    Most important – I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you and guide you as you seek quiet and solitude so you can soak in the presence of God.

    Be blessed as you diligently seek Him.

    December 28, 2010
  34. Betty jackson #

    I really appreciate your stand you take on the word of God. Thank you for your stand and your faith, keep me up in prayer and I will do the same. Thank you.

    December 30, 2011

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