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Join with millions for the 2009 Daniel Fast

Over the last several years millions of Christians have joined in the Daniel Fast. Perhaps one of the strongest promoters of the fast is Pastor Jentezen Franklin, an on fire preacher from Gainsville, Georgia. By the way, note that his name is spelled differently. Many people search for “Jentzen Franklin” and miss him. His first name has an extra “e.”

Jentezen Franklin first challenged members of his church to enter the Fasting Movement several years ago. Their results were so powerful, both corporately and for the individuals, that they were all convinced of the power of prayer and fasting!

What is the Daniel Fast? It’s a time that an individual or group sets aside to fast and pray for specific purposes. While there is no absolute length of time, the most popular is a 21-day Daniel Fast, in which one limits their diet to those described in the first chapter of Daniel. To learn more about Daniel and why he chose to eat specific foods, please see my other post titled “What is the Daniel Fast.”

This site is specifically designed to be a place where believers can learn about the Daniel Fast and communicate with each other.

I hope to draw at least 1000 Christians who will commit to the fast and log their name on this blog. If you want to commit to the 2009 Danial Fast, please go to this link and leave your information:

Sign me up for the 2009 New Years Fast

Let’s see how many we can enlist . . . and then support one another through prayer, information, and wisdom.

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  1. Lillian #

    Will there be a 2010 Daniel Fast?

    December 14, 2009
  2. Brian Sullivan #

    I am doing a three day fast starting today with prayer and worship at my local church which is Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Fl. We, as a church will be doing a 21 day fast together in January. I look forward to sharing my experience with everyone!

    November 11, 2009
  3. Tania #

    This a exceptional website. I am glad that I came across it. I fast at the begining of the year and I got bless with a raise and I got my finances straight. I fast througout the whole year. I feel good whenever I fast and I can hear from God more clearly and I am learning a great deal about the scriptures in the bible and developing a closer relatiionship with God.

    July 31, 2009
  4. Dear Clarice,

    The Word of God says, “He rewards those who diligently seek Him.” I know the Lord will draw near to you as you draw near to Him. He is a loving Father who wants to be in close relationship with you. You are making a choice toward LIFE as you turn toward God.

    I encourage you to submerge yourself in the things of God during your fast. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach, guide and help you. Even when your flesh wants to retreat, continue to walk in the spirit and toward the Lord. He is faithful, always!

    Be blessed, dear one!

    May 10, 2009
  5. clarice #

    I want to thank you so much for this website. I am beginning my spiritual journey back to the Lord and I am preparing to fast for 21 days. In my preparation I have come across this website and it has helped me immensely. Right now I am in a spiritual rut and am thirsting for the Lord to intervene in my life on every level. Thank you and I ask that you keep me in prayer, as I will keep you. God bless you.

    May 9, 2009
  6. Hi Ronald,

    Oh, those detox headaches can really hurt! Leg cramps and backaches are also common symptoms. I am glad you are past that now. Sleeping changes . . . that’s not as common. Maybe the Lord is nudging you in the night . . . or perhaps your body is reacting to healthier change in your eating habits in a different kind of way.

    This time of consecration (separating yourself unto the Lord) can be powerful and is a wonderful way to develop new habits that support your faith life. God is so good. And we can experience Him in dynamic ways if we submit to Him and do things His way. It’s the way of faith . . . the Word says “the just shall live by faith.” We can experience more of that during a consecrated period of prayer and fasting and then continue the good habits we’ve gained in our everyday life.

    Thanks for your post. I know it will help others understand their detox symptoms, also. Next time you fast, I suggest that you taper off sugar and/or caffeine before your first day of fasting. Also, drink at least 1/2 gallon of filtered water each day. That will help!

    March 25, 2009
  7. Ronald #

    I began the fast last Thursday at sunset. I am trying to coincide with Passover and Ressurection Sunday, coming off the fast. It will be exactly 21 days to Passover. My first day I had a headache that was pretty unbearable. I am on day six, I have noticed my sleep pattern is different, as well. I try and spend as much time as possible in prayer or reading the Word. Thanks for the insight, and may God bless you and your family.

    March 25, 2009

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