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Daniel Fast Blogger Cries, “Uncle!”

Well, friends . . . I tried. But I just couldn’t keep up with the flood of questions that people left on this site during the first week of January. I would answer 50 . . . and 75 more would be posted. Today I answered another 50 or 60 just to bring the total down to 275 awaiting my reply.

You see, I usually answer every question, both on the blog. Plus I send an email response to the individual asking the question.

So early this afternoon I cried, “Uncle!” And so now I have to just start over. All the comments are on the blog — but not all of them are answered.

My compromise is that I am now working on a FAQ that will continue to grow. It will be on and I hope you check it out. I will try to make it as complete as is reasonable.

I am sorry, but at the same time this is a sign that more people than ever are entering into the powerful discipline of prayer and fasting.

So, I have a fresh slate and I will try to keep up with the questions as they arrive into my inbox. But please make sure to look for the answer on the blog before you post a question. Also, I am sending those who signed up for the mailing list all kinds of information several times each week. To sign up, please complete the “opt-in” form at

Thanks for our understanding!

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  1. alex #

    Hi Susan. I am starting the Daniel fast today. Pray that I make it.

    January 12, 2009
  2. Joan Pratt #

    A group of family members did the Daniel Fast Last year. Without it I don’t think that we would have been prepared for the tradegies we suffered. On Feb 15, my nephew who was in his last semister at college was killed in a car accident. From that time until May 5th we lost 8 family members. Through all of this the Lord richly blessed us with good health and finances.
    This year we entered the Fast again and are expecting great things to happen. Pray for us and we will be praying for you.

    January 12, 2009
  3. bobby #

    dude sorry you are taking such a beating with all these crazy questions… i wish people would not look to you as the authority, but get in the scripture and pray to the Lord what they should give up or not give up. seriously, if you want herbal tea in your daniel fast, pray to the Lord and ask if you can have it. this person is just giving guidelines…

    thanks for putting the site up, it has great info… Sorry you are taking such a whippin from the legalist… may God bless you and give you peace, for sharing this page.

    January 12, 2009
  4. Denise Fritts #

    Hi – this will be my frst year for a Daniel Fast – our church is planing for Jan. 15 through January 25. I was hoping as time progresses that you will be able to include info regarding the huge percentage of the population that is gluten intolerant. Our bodies do not process wheat, rye or barley – gluten creators. It is easy for me not to have processed foods as I don’t now because gluten is used in so many things from canned soups to cereals, etc. We actually can make cookies from sunflower butter that have no eggs, milk, butter or flour – they are totally alergen free. But I would think that even though there are baked and do not have any ingredients from the “avoid” list that they would not be acceptable as they would be considered “pleasurable”. I cannot eat whole wheat pasta – but can eat pasta made from corn, rice and qionoa (a huge part of my diet). Anyway – I am wondering about rice flour, tapioca flour and potato flour as well as rice milk, soy milk and coconut milk for cooking purposes. I read the comments on vegetable juides – however one part of this site does say they are acceptable – it would be less confusing if that were removed. Thanks for all the great info and dedication. It is so appreciated.

    January 12, 2009
  5. Joel Ann Aitkins #

    I had a question about sugar free jelly and jams… are they allowed? Also, is Splends allowed?

    It is very hard to find tortillas with no yeast at all (wheat tortillas), I just came from the grocery store and could only find them with “less than 2%” of yeast…

    Is this ok?

    I really want to do this right ! Thanks!

    January 13, 2009
  6. Cheryl #

    Hello Susan,
    Barilla now makes a ‘whole grain’ pasta – ingr. whole durum wheat flour, semolina, durum wheat flour, oat fiber. Is that okay to use during the fast? C

    January 13, 2009
  7. Cheryl #

    Sorry I never bloged before- I think I was in the wrong section! Thanks for your passion towards educating and helping others with this fast:)

    January 13, 2009
  8. Hi Cheryl,

    Yes, Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta is a great choice for the Daniel Fast. It’s great that you checked out the ingredients because many other whole wheat pasta has sugar added to it.

    Thanks for the question!

    January 13, 2009
  9. Kaluba #

    Hi Susan
    Our church has called for a daniel fast beginning the 10th of January, you can’t imagine how excited I have been, because time last year after checking out the danielfast website, I went on a fast by myself and have been praying that as a church we may take up the fast and cry out to God for our nation Zimbabwe. My whole family have taken this up, not too exciting for the teenagers but we do urge them on and encourage them, I am so grateful to God for what He is doing in my family and indeed in my church and I think after this period God is going to work wonders. Thank you for this site very help and I get encouragement whenever I log on. God bless you and please continue to pray for our lovely country Zimbabwe

    January 14, 2009
  10. lawana #

    I agree with Bobby. So many people are asking if they can have this and why
    can’t they have that. A guide to the foods allowed are listed on this site.
    Some people are asking because they don’t want to give up some of their
    comfort foods (and tea) during the fast. But, remember a fast is a sacrifice.
    That’s the whole point of a fast. Let it go to receive the blessings.

    January 15, 2009
  11. Hi Joel Ann,

    The jams and jellies are fruit compote, I believe and if they are free from extra sugar, then they would be okay. They are basically cooked fruit and spices.

    Tortillas are a different story. No yeast is allowed. Many people make their own tortillas or chapattis. There are recipes for flat breads in the Daniel Fast Cookbook – Version II.

    Be blessed! I know you will do well.

    January 15, 2009
  12. Hello Kaluba,

    Thank you so much for writing. I hope to be going to Zimbabwe in April to present at a Women’s Leadership Conference, which is part of a Pastors Conference and a Youth Rally. I am very excited. I have been to Africa many times, but this will be my first time in Southern Africa. I am especially excited to serve the Christian community in Zimbabwe. Please pray for me!

    I pray that the Body of Christ in Zimbabwe becomes so bright that the oppressors will no longer be able to threaten it!

    Be blessed and thanks for writing!

    January 15, 2009
  13. Vanessa #

    Hello Susan,
    my church started the Daniel Fast on January 4 and so far I have been doing good. We are having prayer in the mornings and evening for an hour. I have made it to the evening sessions. But yesterday when I got off from work I was really feeling weak. I have only been eating fruits and canned veggies. Someone told me it is okay to eat boca burgers (veggie burgers) and ate 2 then I was reading the box and I am not so sure if this is an okay product. I know that God knows my heart and my intention so I do not want to get so wrapped up in whether I have failed the fast by eating the wrong foods or not but I want to Honor God with this fast. Therefore my question is out of curiosity as to whether or not you agree with eating veggie burgers.

    January 16, 2009

    To Joel Ann Aitkins,although the word in your (? )is splends ,in case you meant splenda i thought i might respond if you go to the page titled Life With My Kids it will give you info on the Splenda its so artificial and unpure. Hope this helps you. I personally have never been able to tolerate the artificial sugars they make me nausaus and give me migraines.
    sorry if i didn’t spell nausaus right. AND IN THE NAME OF JESUS

    January 17, 2009
  15. Sharon Johnson #

    I started the Daniel Fast Monday 4/20/2009… it gets easier as the days go by. The headaches were bad at first. I only work days a week (mon-wed) so I am really concerned how i will do on my days off. I tried to stock up on the right kinds of food and snacks. Prayer for me.

    April 24, 2009
  16. Hi Sharon,

    Whoa! Those detox headaches can be a challenge! Lots of water and extra Vitamin C can help. Also, to those who are reading this before you start the fast, consider tapering off caffeine and sugar before you start the fast. Plus, start drinking at least 1/2 gallon of filtered water each day.

    Sharon, you are doing the right thing when you plan ahead. Also, I’ve found that if I take my focus off the food and on to developing the fruit of the spirit of self-discipline, then I am more successful.

    Be blessed dear one.

    May 2, 2009
  17. Renee #

    Hello Susan
    Thanks for the web-site and the cookbooks. Your web-site has been a wealth of information.

    My best friend and I are starting a fast Monday. I have been very prayerful about this and decided to start with 7 days, then 14 days and then 21 days. I have fasted in the past but never have I done a Daniel Fast. I am sincerely seeking God for direction in Ministry and preparing for a Women’s Retreat I coordinate every year. I believe that this fast will allow a connection with the “Most High” like I never experienced before. I pray for all those who are starting this fast or who are considering it.

    I guess my only real concern is the headeaches. I work outside the home and we are starting a very hectic period at work. Outside of weaning yourself off the sugar and caffeine prior to the fast are there any other suggestions you can offer? Again thank for everything.

    Be Blessed

    September 2, 2009
  18. lilly #

    Is avocado ok during the fast to add to salads?

    November 3, 2009
  19. Hi Lilly,

    Yes, avocados are fine during the fast!

    Be blessed!

    November 5, 2009
  20. Deaunna Newton #

    Are Boca Burgers or vegie burgers ok on a Daniel Fast.?

    December 29, 2009
  21. Kimberly #

    Hello Miss Gregory,

    My pastor placed our whole church on the Daniel Fast for this whole month of January. Your site has been so helpful with recipes and finding out what is acceptible according to God’s word and not just my own will and perception. With a well thought out plan, I can make it and be fruitful-no pun intended. Thank you for obeying God.

    January 1, 2010
  22. Skippy #

    I think there are far more foods allowed on this fast than what Daniel actually ate. The Bible says he did without delicasies, meat and wine; it doesn’t say anything about dairy and I doubt they had bottled water back then. Pray and ask God what you should or should not eat. Last year I did without TV for 40 days; that accomplished much more than any food fast and I’ve done several of those totally eliminating food. But eliminating TV actually got my focus off the world and into the Word where it should be. I think it’s great if you want to try the Daniel fast but any fast works as long as you set aside what’s pulling you from God and read and pray instead; be careful you aren’t getting legalistic about what foods you can and can not eat.

    January 7, 2010
  23. Hi Skippy,

    Actually, the Bible does say that Daniel went without dairy in Daniel 1 when he ate only pulse (foods grown from seed) and drank only water.

    Also, every place where the Bible uses the word fast, it means to restrict food for a spiritual purpose. So while going without television or some other time and attention consuming activity is a good choice to get closer to God, it isn’t fasting as the Bible teaches.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions and I hope the very best for you as you continue to grow in the love and knowledge of Christ.

    January 7, 2010
  24. Deb #

    I am trying to find out about the 3 day juice fast before the 21 days that I have been hearing about. Can you tell me what juices we are to drink and how much ? Where do I find out more. Thanks.

    January 16, 2010
  25. Betty #

    Good evening Susan,

    I have been tremendously blessed by the daily devotions you send. I started the Fast with my chuch March 1st. It comprised of a 21 day Fast. I prayed for strength and God supplied as usual. I am nearing the end of it as today is the 18th however God advised me in week one to go longer. I haven’t longed for anything and that was astonishing to me. I haven’t craved anything and all I can say is my discipline and willpower was all by way of God. Its amazing how you can do so much for Him when you really believe.

    I’m proud of the work my Father has started in me and glad to say I’m going to be doing a 40day Fast now. My church had some things we were to pray for yet I find myself doing more praying for others instead of me and my needs which are less and less the more I grow. I read my word daily and can’t put it down. It never really hit me just how many people in the Bible have fasted on others behalf and how often it occured in ones daily life. To me that’s pleasing to God, showing and exhibiting that Love, One to Another…. This has become a lifestyle change for me as well, I just feel so good.

    God bless you and all the Fasters :o)

    March 18, 2010
  26. Laura Zellner #

    Dear Susan, I just want to tell you how much I was blessed by your daily e-mails while I was on my Daniel Fast. God confirmed a lot through those e-mails and my daily devotionals…I wish I could still get your daily devotionals. May God Bless you and your ministry. I will keep praying for all us believers to draw nearer to Him, and know they are not alone…We are God’s mighty army. God Bless you, Sister In Christ, Laura

    March 29, 2010
  27. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your kind words about the emails I send for those on the mailing list (you can join the mailing list at I have many who want more of the devotionals. I hope to write more in the near future. It’s that old time thing!

    Be blessed, dear one, as you continue to grow in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    March 31, 2010
  28. Rachel #

    Susan, I began this fast the end of April as a way to lose weight. I lasted almost a week before I became sick with sinus issues and just didn’t have the energy to come up with fast-friendly foods. I started again on May 17th. Today is day 9 and I’ve really had cravings today!
    I have not really focused on the spiritual side of fasting. I’ve wanted to, but have always had a hard time knowing what to read. After carefully studying your website again, I have been encouraged! I will begin reading passages on faith, and other verses that you suggest. Thank you for being such an encouragement!

    May 25, 2010
  29. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your very honest message. You are experiencing what many others do on the fast – cravings and a feeling of loss when it comes to knowing how to connect with God.

    The latter issue is why I just finished writing Study the Bible to Change Your Life. You can learn more about it at

    The cravings well pass as you take your focus off the food and on to developing self-control and centering your life on God.

    Be blessed . . . you can do this. Lean on God and open your heart to Him more.

    May 28, 2010
  30. Shirl #

    can you eat Boca Burgers on this Daniel Fast?

    October 19, 2011
  31. Daniel Fast Team #

    I don’t use Boca Burgers or veggie burgers, but the big deal is to READ THE LABEL. Keep your eye out to make sure they are sweetener-free and chemical-free. I hope this helps!

    October 20, 2011
  32. I am wondering if semolina flour in the raw state “well” as close as one might get can be used for a pasta during the fast, I know eggs are a no but working on some menu testing, I have several books on the fast, and some personal experience however, I work as a chef for a church feeding others who of course all have the commitment they made in their fast I would not…therefore I act on the full strict fast and a lot of raw product. thanks for any help you can offer.

    December 28, 2013
  33. Daniel Fast Team #

    The Daniel Fast is only whole grains, whereas semolina is a processed flour inwhich the bran and germ have been removed . . . so try to find a whole grain product you can use instead. Be Blessed on your fast!

    January 6, 2014
  34. Lyric Richardson #

    Is it okay to have a Atkins shake (if all the ingredients are okay) as a meal and have water as the beverage?

    January 9, 2014
  35. Daniel Fast Team #

    Hi Lyric,
    The only drinking beverage on the fast is water, however blended fruit/vegetable smoothies are allowed as a meal replacement. With that said, It’s all about the ingredients. You just need to make sure the ingredients comply with the Daniel Fast. Watch out for milk products (whey), sweeteners and chemical additives. I hope this helps!

    January 15, 2014

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