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A New Daniel Fast for the Daniel Fast Blogger

“Sometimes you are so hungry that the only way to get fed is to fast.”

That was the thought going through my head yesterday when I sensed the Lord calling me to start a new Daniel Fast for a period of study, prayer and intense focusing on Him. I am so hungry for more of my Father and less of me! I asked the Lord to help me, and those are the word I heard in my spirit, “Sometimes you are so hungry, the only way you can get fed is to fast.”

So I finished the cup of coffee I had already started, took a deep breath and declared that I was entering into a new Daniel Fast. I will fast for at least 21 days, but then see how things are going and I may extend one week at a time until I sense that it’s time to end.

I also wrote in my journal about what I was seeking for this Daniel Fast with spurts of conversations with the Lord. That’s how He and I communicate in our morning time together. I talk, He talks. I write and well, He’s already written His Word, so I read what He’s written. It’s a great time of fellowship that I cherish.

At the end of this time, I realized that this is to be a consecrated time of centering myself on Him and His ways. A time to shed and forego a few activities so that I can focus on some projects He’s call me to complete. This is also a time when I will form some new habits so I can grow spiritually, so I can renew my mind to the Truth of God’s Word, and so I can move toward better health and vitality.

Finally, this is a time when I am to step up to what God has for me. Even at my “seasoned age,” I still wrestle with self-esteem issues and the shadows of hurtful events in my past. However, I hear the Lord calling me to follow Him to the truth of who I am in Him and to put away how the enemy tried to shape me to be.

I am moving forward with the Lord and to the Lord and His amazing way of living. It’s a kingdom of God living, not that I have to wait for when I depart this world. But rather, the kingdom of God living that He spoke of in His Word.

I’ll keep you posted about my journey on this fast, hopefully to encourage you on your walk of faith. You can find those updates on

I can say, even as I write this post just 24 hours into my Summer ’09 Daniel Fast, I am charged with a new energy and hope. Our God is so good and He wants us to rely on Him in every way. The more we turn to Him the more He can minister to us. What a great blessing!

Be blessed!

Susan Gregory
The Daniel Fast Blogger

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  1. Yes, all whole grains are allowed on the Daniel Fast.

    January 9, 2011
  2. Lora #

    Can one eat just plain cooked (with water) quaker oatmeal as a part of this fast?

    January 9, 2011
  3. Hi Marty,

    You want to avoid chemicals in foods. It’s funny because often it’s the less expensive brands that are the best! I use Kroger canned vegetables since most of the varieties are only the vegetable, water and salt.

    Be blessed!

    January 8, 2011
  4. Marty #

    Are typical canned beans,corn,etc full of chemicals that are prohibited? Is there particular brands of canned goods preferred on the Daniel fast. Thanks. Marty

    January 8, 2011
  5. Hi Latoria,

    I encourage you to spend some time on this site and my blog as they have all the information and resources you need for a successful Daniel Fast.

    You can make your own salad dressings or my favorite is Newman’s Own Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing.

    Whole wheat and all whole grains are allowed on the fast because of Daniel 1:12 – Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink.

    Pulse is food grown from seed . . . so since wheat is grown from seed it’s allowed on the Daniel Fast.

    January 7, 2011
  6. Latoria Adams #

    Hello Susan,

    I need to know what kind of salad dressing is allowed on the Daniel Fast? Also could you explain to me how whole wheat is an approved food on the fast?

    God Bless You

    January 7, 2011
  7. Donna Nichols #

    I wanted to thank you for the information you sent me on my first Daniel Fast. I would have not been able to accomplish this fast without your input.
    Thank You and God Bless you Susan.

    January 11, 2010
  8. Donna Wagner #

    I wll be starting my Daniel Fast Jan 10. I have never done a Daniel Fast before. I am sure glad I am not the only one doing this fast. Your prayers will help me accomplish this impossible request of my Lord Jesus for my walk with him.

    January 6, 2010
  9. Gina #

    Getting myself prepared spiritually for this upcoming Daniel Fast on Jan 10. So many things are expected for 2010. I have been walking with the Lord for 25 years, but I find myself thirsting more & more for His Word. I know that this time is going to be one of intimacy with Him… Developing an intimacy on a deeper level. I feel as if I am gearing myself up for the many battles to face in 2010. Not just for myself, but for others. Armed with weapons on righteousness in the right and left hand. I expect the enemy to try to get me focus off of God, but I will seek Him diligently as never before. Looking forward to it.

    December 30, 2009
  10. Greetings in the name of Jesus I love your site. I found it searching for information on the Daniel fast. I plan to do my first 21 day fast in Jan. 2010, I’ve doone 1 day and 3 day. Please keep my family in prayer as their are many request I have but I too know God is good all the time and He is able to provide for us as no other.l
    God bless you,
    Sincerly Sandra

    December 27, 2009
  11. Hi Valerie,

    Sorry, all sweeteners are out during the Daniel Fast. However, I do encourage people to use agave nectar after the fast to get away from white sugar.

    Be blessed

    December 9, 2009
  12. Valerie #

    Is agave nectar allowed on the Daniel fast. It is touted as a natural sweetner>

    November 12, 2009
  13. Thank you, dear sister in Christ.

    September 1, 2009
  14. Hello dear Sheila,

    Thank you so much for your post! You and your family certainly discovered some of the amazing benefits of the Daniel Fast. I am thrilled to find that more and more followers of Christ are learning of this powerful spiritual discipline.

    You are in my prayers regarding your health. My prayer is that you will grow in your identity as a child of the Most High God. Claim His promises as they for you! Your Father wants you healthy and Christ gained our divine health at the cross!

    Be blessed!

    September 1, 2009
  15. Sheila #

    Hello Susan!
    It’s been several months since I’ve heard from you, but it is certainly good to know that all is well and that you are continuing to fast! My husband, my three children and myself went on the fast (they did a week) and it was a tremendous blessing to our family! We grew spiritually as individuals as well as lost a few pounds! My children were real troopers especially being used to having ANY foods that they wanted! So I as a mom was blessed at their obedience especially when those hunger pangs started! LOL! My husband was also a trooper because we had never successfully fasted together as a couple and he’s diabetic! I am currently desiring to have an even deeper fellowship with the Lord than I had when I was fasting before. What an awesome and cleansing experience. I am scheduled to have a medical procedure to determine whether or not I have cancer. I am confident that whether I do have it or not, I am in a win-win situation! I have Christ living within! And I look forward to living for ever with HIM! In the meantime while I am yet alive, Im Iooking forward to going back and even changing our eating patterns toward this Daniel Fast! Thank you for providing this site Susan and for being an encouragement to my family and I! God Bless! Sheila

    August 27, 2009
  16. Miriam #

    Dear Susan,
    May God continue to order your steps!

    August 25, 2009
  17. Dearest Cindy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your insight and experience. And also for your support and prayers.

    Our God is so good and the more we trust in Him the more He can do through us, with us, in us, and for us. As you know, a deep relationship with God has endless rewards, but it’s not for the faint of heat. It takes diligence and consistency.

    But even though the road is narrow, it’s the only road I want to be on. I could never turn back or even detour. I know too much of the goodness of God to change now!

    Be blessed, Cindy, and thanks for your post!

    July 30, 2009
  18. cindy #

    Dear Susan,
    I will be praying for you to experience God in a new, refreshed and even deeper way, as you partake of this most recent/latest Daniel Fast. It is amazing to me that you have begun this within the same time frame that I myself am now looking (and praying about) to consecrate myself on deeper levels with the Lord… specifically through my lifestyle, eating habits and regular practice of spiritual fasting. As of June 30, 2009, I completed what I call, “the year of the fast”- a time of continual Daniel Fasting alternating with liquid fasting that I began in May, 2008. It was an incredible, awful, horrible, wonderful year-long journey with Jesus, (and fasting) that I still have not quite figured out all the spiritual lessons I may have learned along the way.

    Nevertheless, I learned alot about fasting from you and this website and was encouraged today to read this particular post and see that you are still challenged to go deeper with the Lord. ( in your own journey with fasting) So, I will keep lifting you up in prayer and will be anxious to see what else you learn from the Lord over the next 21 days…or however long God calls you to fast. May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you in a mighty, mighty way as you move forward in faith. In Christ alone, Cindy

    July 29, 2009

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