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Balance for Your Daniel Fast

balanceThe Daniel Fast is a powerful method of fasting! I believe it’s bringing hundreds of thousands of men and women into the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting since it’s a partial fast and some foods can be eaten. Many people would not be able to fulfill the demands of their daily obligations if they were to go without food for 21 days. But the Daniel Fast allowed us to have some foods while others are restricted.

The key is to keep all things in balance. We are fasting. The definition of a spiritual fast is to restrict food for a spiritual purpose. So we want to keep that in mind. Just because we can eat food doesn’t mean we want to abandon the restrictive part of the discipline.

On the Daniel Fast we can have hearty and nourishing foods. We don’t necessarily have to “go hungry.” However, we also don’t want to go to the extreme and figure out how we can create foods that continue to feed our cravings.

The Daniel Fast is amazing as it affect the whole person – spirit, soul and body. And part of fasting is putting our flesh in submission as we come under the Spirit of God and allow Him to reign in our lives.

Again, I call all of us to balance. Yes, it’s okay to prepare meals that are pleasant, filling and nutritious. That’s what God wants for us all the time. But we need to institute balance by not catering to the flesh.

We gain life-changing lessons while we’re fasting. Developing the fruit of the spirit of self-control is one of the most precious lessons we can receive. Fasting gives us the opportunity to examine our hearts and to make sure our motives are aligned with the men and women of God we want to be – submitted to Him and walking in His ways.

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  1. asirva #

    Thanks for this lovely website.

    December 18, 2013
  2. Daniel Fast Team #

    Hi Alex,
    There are no scriptures in the Daniel Fast that specify the amount of food (portion size) or even number of times per day to eat during the fasting period. However, keep in mind that this is a fast and portion control and eating sensibly to be comfortably full is appropriate. So eating three moderate meals and two small snacks a day ishould be the goal. I hope this helps!

    February 11, 2013
  3. Daniel Fast Team #

    Thank you Trudy so much for your kind words . . . it is our blessing to serve God by serving His people. Be blessed as you continue to grow in the love and grace of Jesus!

    February 6, 2013
  4. Alex #

    I am doing the Daniel Fast for the time and i know exactly what foods are allowed and what are not. My question is that may be eat any of the allowed foods whenever we want? Or is there a daily programme we are supposed to follow? And would eating too much fruit and veggies (so you have the feeling you are full) be unnacceptable?

    February 4, 2013
  5. Trudy #

    Susan: your devotionals were so helpful and your encouraging words every day as I took my journey thru the 21 day Daniel fast. Each morning I got up with excitement knowing I would be spending special quality time with my Lord. I completed my fast, but not my journey. I hunger more each day forI my Lord. You have been an inspiration. Thank you so much &want may God bless you.

    Trudy Eubanks

    February 3, 2013
  6. Daniel Fast Team #

    God is so good! Be Blessed on your Journey!

    January 23, 2013
  7. Roxanne #

    The Daniel Fast is going GREAT for me. I am having a good time inventing new ways to eat vegetables & fruit by adding nuts to it. I also brought a blender to drink my fruits & vegetables. This has taught me a new and more healthier way to choose my meals more carefully. My spiritual antenna is up full blast. I am enjoying this for the first time, since it is my first time!

    January 18, 2013
  8. This Saturday (Sabbath) is Shevat 1 on the Jewish calendar. On this date, as the Jewish people were completing 40 years of wandering in the desert, Moses gathered the entire the nation and began his farewell address. Moses’ speech would continue for 40 days until his death, as described in the Book of Deuteronomy. Moses reviewed the commandments of the Torah, gave a historical reflection, prophesied about future events, and offered poetic blessings. Also during this time, Moses wrote 13 Torah scrolls — one for each tribe, plus one to place in the Ark of the Covenant. (Source:
    As we continue our Daniel Fast, may we reflect on God’s goodness in always preparing a way for His people. Just as they were in a season of uncertainty, we too are living in a tumultuous time in our world. We can take comfort in knowing that, just like the cloud/fire that went ahead of them, God goes before us. As surely as the manna fell until the day they would eventually reach the Promised Land, so too, we can look with gratitude and expectation for His provision to be consistent. Our God is a God of His Word! Always!

    January 10, 2013
  9. Daniel Fast Team #

    Hi Marion,
    I encourage you to take a copy of the Daniel Fast Guidelines to your Health Care Provider and together make the required modifications (if any) to your fast. We are stending in agreement with you as you rely on and seek the Great Physician for your healing, all the while continue to follow the advice of your earthly physician. You can order a copy of the Guidelines by going to and enter your email address, they will be emailed back to you. Be Blessed on your Journey!

    January 10, 2013
  10. I am fasting 21 days. What food would u take, if suffering with 3pilespy. I ,pray you may help me. Thank you God bless
    Marion from Australia

    January 10, 2013
  11. Joseph #

    Happy New Year everybody, Blessings to this ministry and to others who proclaim and not ashamed of the Holly Bible and Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, Thank you for being obedient, in giving awesome advice, to help other Christians to help and understand their spiritual balance with their relationship with our Abba Father “God”.,,,, Gods Grace and Peace be with y’all, Ciao Joseph

    January 8, 2013
  12. Great testimony.

    I hope the best for you on our fast, Jim.

    Be blessed!

    January 7, 2013
  13. Jim #

    I started on new yrs with a 10 day vegetable fast and intend to move to the 21 day Daniel fast requirements on day 11. I’m so glad my wife joined me. It is much easier for me. I think the kids will be glad when we’re off this so they can get back to eating what we eat. It is really helping me to press into God in prayer, not to mention what’s happening with my waste line.

    January 7, 2013
  14. lipton #

    Jesus is The Way to God, if there were any other way Jesus would be a liar.

    January 7, 2013
  15. Susan Gregory offers solid, meaningful advice about fasting and staying in balance. The Daniel Fast is an amazing way to balance spiritual and physical needs. All things lead to God…surely, Susan’s thoughts about balance help us walk the path to God through fasting. What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

    January 7, 2013

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