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Less, Mediocre or Great

stick_figure folded armsWhat kind of life with God do you want? Do you want the lesser life, where your flesh continues to direct your life, remain carnal and like Paul taught, only able to receive milk rather than the meat of God’s spiritual truths?

Will you settle for mediocre, where you’ll live in that “just enough of God to keep my happy” place? That place where you and those around your know you’re a Christian because you attend church and live a good life. You have a level of faith. But you don’t really depend on God in a deep way to meet all your needs and to direct your life.

Or do you want a deep, fulfilling and great life with your Master? A life where you have truly experienced what it’s like to be in the rest Jesus provides, even when turmoil surrounds you? A life when your faith is so strong that it directs your life and you depend on the Spirit of God to show you the way? Do you want the kind of life that music to your ears will be, “Well done my good and faithful servant”? A life of joy, peace, patience and hope.

When we fast, we can point ourselves toward a desire in our heart. A desire for the kind of life we want with our Lord. We can do the fast and complete it with little change in ourselves. Or we can experience some change, only to revert back to what was once comfortable and “just the way I am” kind of living. OR, we can allow this fast to transform us be opening our heart to the Lord. To have a deep desire for His way of living. To be vulnerable with the Lord (and with ourselves) and examine our hearts and allow repentance (change), healing and the renewal of our mind to make a life-changing difference in our lives.

The Lord has laid a feasting table of His truths and ways before us. We can choose how much of His goodness to consume. We can choose how much we are willing to invest of ourselves to have the great life Jesus offers. Bit by bit, we can be renewed, transformed, and strengthened into faith-driven servants of our Lord and have the great life He desire for us . . . if we want it and are willing to enter the journey.

The choice is ours . . .

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