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Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough

FinancialBreakthroughWe always want to define a purpose for our Daniel Fast. We know that the number one reason for the fast is to develop our faith and draw closer to God. One’s purpose is focus of prayer, studying God’s Word and materials that will be used during the fast.

The most common purpose for fasting is “financial breakthrough.” It’s not a surprise in these economic times that have lasted so long.

I know the pain of financial crisis and have deep compassion for men, women and couples suffering from financial setbacks. I experienced the darkest period of my life in 2007 when the financial wheels came off the U.S. economy and I was faced with a failing business.

You can hear my story at this link: Susan’s Personal Story With Financial Crisis

The #1 Best-selling Book for the Daniel Fast

dfpbtrans300x336The Daniel Fast: feed your soul, strengthen your spirit and renew your body (Tyndale House Publishers) continues to be the best-selling book to guide you to a successful fasting experience.

The book gives a detailed background about fasting and then leads you into a clear understanding about the Daniel Fast. You’ll learn that background of the fast, how to prepare your spirit, soul and body for the fast; plus you’ll learn how to make this a spiritual experience that will draw you closer to God as you develop habits of meditation, prayer, Bible study and sitting in the presence of your Lord.

Daniel Fast Recipes: The Daniel Fast also includes enough recipes for your entire fast, including breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks along with meal plans and helpful tips for preparing your Daniel Fast meals.

Daily Devotional: Each day of your 21-day Daniel Fast you will be able to focus on God’s Word with the daily devotional included in the book. Susan Gregory has a unique way of making the Bible come alive for readers so they are motivated to change their lives for the cause of Christ. She shares God’s love in a way that is real and accessible.

Autographed copies: You can receive The Daniel Fast autographed by the author by purchasing through this link: Daniel Fast Website

The book is available in many formats including paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Audio. Contact Amazon or your local bookseller.

Daniel Fast and Study the Word of God

If you’ve been wondering where this gal has been for the last while . . . well the mystery is over! I’ve been glued to my keyboard writing another book that I hope will be a great help and gift to you! The eBook is called Study the Word of God to Change Your Life and it’s available for immediate download. I wrote it because I truly believe God is calling to His chosen people (that’s you and me . . . anyone who is born-again) to step up to a new level in faith!

Study the Bible to Change Your Life

Study the Bible to Change Your Life

I also know that faith and knowledge in God’s Word go hand in hand. More knowledge . . . more faith. Do you want more faith? Then increase your knowledge in God’s Word! Studying the Word of God to Change Your Life is also a great tool to use during your Daniel Fast! Remember, the Daniel Fast is about a lot more than restricting food. It’s about entering a period of time with intense focus on God and His Ways. Where do you learn about Him and the way He wants us to live a powerful and fruitful life? In His Word.

Since teaching about the Daniel Fast, I’ve heard from thousands of men and women who are seeking a deeper and more powerful relationship with God. I know what that hunger is about. I’ve been there, too. But I also know the amazing benefits of getting into God’s Word and having it feed my spirit to such a degree that I literally have to shout!

That’s the kind of faith our Father wants us to have. He also wants us to know Him and who we are as His children. So He gave us His Word. He wants us to live a powerful and amazing life so that people will see us and want what we have. That’s being a powerful example of Christ in our lives . . .

I hope you will look into this new eBook. It’s getting great reports from all who have seen it. I am delighted that God led me to create this book. Writing it was a powerful experience as I too focused more on the amazing power we have accessible to us . . . and it’s all in His Word! A treasure chest of love, grace, mercy, hope, faith and power!