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Oprah’s 21-Day Detox – Woman’s World Magazine

I just did a little grocery shopping and while at the check out stand I saw this weeks issue of Women’s World magazine (Marked August 25, 2008, but they always have them on the stands way before the marked date).

So, who was on the cover? Oprah Winfrey. And what what the headline? Lose 7 pounds a week on Oprah’s 21-Day Detox!

The truth is, this is the exact same eating plan as The Daniel Fast, however they might not be so strict about no sweeteners and no chemicals. I knew of this 21-Day Detox from when Oprah first introduced it several months ago on her program. She was interviewing the author of Quantum Wellness, Kath Freston, who promotes this eating plan.

The Women’s World Magazine article points out that those following Oprah’s 21-Day Detox lose about seven pounds each week and their health improves dramatically. Of course, we already knew that! The health benefits to the Daniel Fast are great!

The article includes five recipes, but clearly one needs more than that to follow the 21-Day Detox. Thankfully, for those of us on the Daniel Fast, the Daniel Fast Cookbook (an ebook available on this site) provided enough recipes and meal plans for at least 21 days of fasting.

I did notice that they use some foods that we would not have on the Daniel Fast, but that’s only because their plan allows for gluten-free bread and pastas. In the Daniel Fast, we are not allowed any leavening and we also don’t use any processed flours, but rather only whole grain flours.

Still, I thought it was interesting! The magazine will probabaly sell lots of copies with Oprah donning the front page. But waht some readers will think is a new and treny diet, we know is the way the prophet Daniel ate while he was fasting thousands of years ago!