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Water During the Daniel Fast

During his times of fasting, the only liquid Daniel consumed was water. That’s why the Daniel Fast Guidelines restrict us from any other beverages, except pure vegetable and fruit juices since they are merely a combination.

Water is an excellent cleanser for the body and flushing your organs and cells with good and pure water will wash it of many of the impurities.

You want to make sure the water you drink is pure, filtered water free of all chemicals and additives. This is hard to find these days since recently it was uncovered that much of the bottled water is merely municipal water sold in plastic bottles.

In my case, I have the great privilege of pure well water on my little four acre farm in Central Washington. I save hundreds of dollars every year no having to purchase drinking water! You may want to purchase your water from a health food store or make sure your drinking water is acceptable.

One caution about fruit juices! They are very high in calories. An eight ounce glass of apple juice (no sugar added) is 117 calories. Orange juice is about the same. So if drink a lot of juice you will want to be aware of the increased calories.

There is a lot of debate about the amount of water we actually need to drink. Our bodies are made up of 2/3 water, so it needs to be replenished. We get a lot of water when eating fresh foods, but so many diets are deplete of fresh foods that increased water intake is important. The other reason to drink adequate water is that it helps with appetite control and body cleansing.

How much water do you need? The simple formula is to take your body weight, divide it by 2 and that is the number of ounces of water to drink throughout the day. To make this easy for me, I have a favorite glass that holds 16 ounces. So I just make sure I drink four glasses of water from my favorite glass each day.

Increasing your water intake can also help when when you’re eliminating caffeine and suffering from headaches. I like to drink hot water with a slice of lemon at times when I would normally drink coffee.

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  1. Carbonated is fine. Just so it doesn’t have sweeteners.

    August 1, 2017
  2. Hey I’m on day 17 and just noticed that most of the bottled water Nestle and some other brands that I’d been drinking have sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride in there. Any advice?

    July 9, 2017
  3. Daniel Fast Team #

    Greetings Pastor Darious,
    Be encouraged….You are going in the right direction, and “you are here for such a time as this”. God is going to do great things in you and through you, you just keep your eyes on Him and not the circumstances (which Are subject to change), and watch what He will do on your behalf! Because “He Is Faithful”! Standing firm in agreement on His Word with you that through this time of separation from the world and drawing close to Him, you, your family and church body will never be the same.! YES, We are Standing in agreement with you for healing and complete restoration of your health in Jesus Strong Name! Deut. 28:1-14 * Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give you shepherds according to My heart…”. 2 Chronicles 1:11 “Because this was in your heart…” Be Blessed dear Pastor, BE BLESSED!

    October 24, 2012
  4. Pastor Darious Chapman #

    This is my first time on this fast. I desire to be a better pastor. I know that the time we’re living in, I must have my mind, soul and body in tune with Jesus. Pray that I do well. My weight is 300lb due to health issues.

    October 22, 2012
  5. Daniel Fast Team #

    Hi Lisa,
    All unsweetened additive free plant based milks (Almond, Rice, Soy, Coconut, etc.,) are fine on the fast… for use in recipes and on cereal, just not as a drinking beverage (water is the only beverage on the fast). Unsweetened West Soy is one brand of milk for you to try, and the only ingredients are filtered water and organic soy beans. I hope this helps!

    August 2, 2012
  6. Lisa #

    I am on day 2 of my Daniel Fast. I desire to be closer to God and fulfill His purpose in my life. I am new to this but love researching all the great foods I can have. I understand that dairy has to be eliminated from this fast, but is Soy Milk considered dairy? If this is allowed for the fast, what brand of Soy Milk is best? Many blessings and thank you.

    August 2, 2012
  7. Daniel Fast Team #

    Cottonseed oil is best passed over in liu of a higher quality oil. I hope this helps!

    December 29, 2011
  8. sherrod #

    can we eat food with cottonseed oil inside it while on the daniel fast?

    December 19, 2011
  9. Daniel Fast Team #

    Hi Deena,
    I am sorry that you feel some questions have been intentionally ignored, we work diligently to the Lord and make every effort to answer as many questions as possible. And yes, the Cream of Wheat question has come up and been answered many times. With that said, on to the cream of wheat….since Wheat Farina (also known as Cream of Wheat) is Not a whole grain (the bran and most of the germ are removed in processing) making it unsuitable for the Daniel Fast. An alternative would be Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Wheat (only whole wheat as the ingredient), and then there’s always good Old Fashioned Oatmeal. I hope this helps, Be Blessed on your Fast!

    August 3, 2011
  10. Deena #

    I agree. It’s not clear if we can have Cream of Wheat (farina) or not. I’ve searched and searched to try and find a concise answer. I’ve seen that several people asked and are ignored. Is it the word “Cream” I wonder? I’m not eating it, but I’d really like to know for future fasts:)

    August 2, 2011
  11. Bukky #

    Hi, this blog has really given me some food choices on this fast, thanks. I know that quality oils are good, like canola, canola, vegetable etc. Is palm oil acceptable as well?

    January 9, 2011
  12. Hi Jennifer,

    You are correct that enriched flour is not allowed on the Daniel Fast. With the word “enriched” it’s easy to think that this is flour has more nutrients, when in fact they’ve processed the grains, taken much of the best stuff out and then added a few elements back in.

    If your white hominy grits are whole grains, then they would be allowed on the fast.

    Be blessed!

    December 14, 2010
  13. Jennifer #


    Thank you!

    Now, I saw that grits is ok, but I just checked the label and it said white hominy grits. Is there another kind that I am unaware of? I thought we couldn’t do the white enriched stuff?

    Sorry for all the questions but I am starting middle of January and I want to have everything in line.

    December 13, 2010
  14. Daniel Fast Team #

    Hi Jennifer,

    Most grain cereals either do not use the ‘whole’ grain or have ingredients added that are not allowed on the fast, I have not yet found a cream of wheat that uses the ‘whole grain’. I find the best prepared cereals to be Ezekiel brand, and then don’t forget there is always old fashioned whole grain oatmeal. I hope this helps.
    Be Blessed in your journey!

    December 9, 2010
  15. Jennifer #

    I am also wondering about whether or not Cream of Wheat is ok. I think it should be fine because farina is just cereal grain, but please advise.

    December 8, 2010
  16. waitingon Jesus #


    I have a question about Cream of Wheat also no one ever answered that question.

    Be blessed

    August 25, 2009
  17. Hi Felicia,

    I don’t have a box of Kashi Go Lean Crunch at hand, but as I recall they add evaporated cane juice or some other sweetener to the recipe, which makes it a no-no on the Daniel Fast. You can have Ezekiel 4:6 Cereal, however. They are only whole grains and I love having mine with fresh fruit (such as blueberries and bananas) and unsweetened soy milk.

    I hope this helps.

    August 9, 2009
  18. Felicia #

    Can you eat Kashi go lean Crunch cereal dry on the Daniel Fast?

    August 9, 2009

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