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Daniel Fast Cookbook – $8.95

The Daniel Fast Cookbook - $8.95

This is an eBook available for immediate download.

Everything is here in this 76-page e-cookbook for you to plan and prepare all the meals and snacks for a 21-day Daniel Fast. More than 50

Daniel Fast Cookbook

Daniel Fast Cookbook Version I

delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – all made within the Daniel Fast Guidelines. Included in the cookbook is:

  • The Daniel Fast Food List
  • Whole Grain Recipes
  • tasty Breakfasts
  • Savory Soups and Stews
  • Satisfying Casseroles
  • Hearty Salads
  • Fulfilling Snacks
  • 21-day Meal Plan
  • Menu Planning Worksheet
  • BONUS: All buyers will become an immediate member of our friendly “Daniel Fast Cookbook Community” where we share recipes, tips and praise reports about our experiences on the Daniel Fast. During the months of December and January, you will receive several emails each week with new recipes, news about the Daniel Fast, and tips and hints for being successful on the fast.

Your purchase of The Daniel Fast Cookbook – Version I is also a way you can support this site and join all those wanting to get the word out about consecrating ourselves to the Lord with prayer and fasting.

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  1. Craig Moses #

    Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.I am from South Africa,Durban.This is my 2nd day of my 21 day Daniel fast.This is the first time that i am doing the Daniel fast indiviually.What i want to know is ,must i abstain from food totally from 6am to 6pm without having any liquids and solids?Also is it only possible to have water only during this 21 days of fasting and prayer.I begin work @ 7am and out at 5pm,cant do much prayer but have those special moments with my father…Is that ok!I I have been through a lot over the past few years,and I aint giving the devil any rope any longer…I received this word from the Lord on day one of my fast’

    Luke 4:19

    ‘… the time of the Lord’s favour has come. (To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour).’

    – I declare that the time of His favour has come for you.
    – He is ready to give blessings to all who come to Him.
    – May this be the ‘fullness of time’ for you!
    – Put the past behind you and believe Him for His best.

    PRAYER: Lord, I believe that Your timing in my life is always perfect. I also believe that now is the time of Your favour and blessing for me and I claim it and I receive it. Amen.

    I pray that all of you beautiful people who are hungry to know our saviour personally ,experience his mighty hand and provision.Remember the God of the valley is the God of the mountain top.

    February 3, 2015
  2. nomah #


    January 20, 2015
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Nomah, There are no sweeteners of any kind allowed on the fast (natural or artificial), instead eat fruit.

      January 20, 2015
  3. Marlo #

    Can we eat cream of wheat

    January 18, 2015
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Cream of Wheat (also known as Wheat Farina) is Not a whole grain (the bran and most of the germ are removed in processing) making it unsuitable for the Daniel Fast. An alternative would be Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Wheat (only whole wheat as the ingredient), and then there’s always good Old Fashioned Oatmeal. I hope this helps, Be blessed on your Fast!

      January 22, 2015
  4. David Derrick #

    Hi can we have foods with organic cane sugar in it? It still has 0 grams of sugar. Is this OK? We got peanut butter that only has that in it and are wondering about it? Also does your book discuss these types of matters? Also is there another version other than version 1? Because it would be more convenient for me to purchase the ebook unless there is a newer version that you prefer?
    Thanks a lot.
    God bless:)

    January 8, 2015
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Cane sugar is a sweetener, so you’ll want to pass on that brand. Instead, try Adam’s 100% Natural peanut butter has only peanuts and salt in it.

      January 21, 2015
  5. Derrick stewart #

    Would I be able to substitute dairy milk with almond milk in recipes? Would I be able to drink almond during the fast?

    January 7, 2015
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Yes, Almond milk is fine to use in recipes and on cereal (all plant based milks such as almond, rice, oat, coconut, soy and such), just not as a drinking beverage as water is the only beverage on the fast (free of additives and sweeteners).

      January 8, 2015
  6. Lesego #

    Good morning, I am on my 3rd day and thank God for strengthening me. I fail to read my bible though in the process. please be praying for me. is popcorn allowed and the salt and vinegar seasoning?

    January 6, 2015
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Yes, yes and yes. As long as they are free of additives and sweeteners.

      January 7, 2015
  7. Emily #

    Is it correct that we don’t eat for the first 3 days. Just water?

    January 3, 2015
    • Hi Emily,

      That’s not part of the Daniel Fast. Some people choose to start their fasting period with a “normal fast” where only water is consumed. And then they switch over to the Daniel Fast, which is a “partial fast.”

      Be blessed.

      January 4, 2015
  8. Patrice #

    Looking forward to the healing and blessings.
    Can I use raw brown sugar small amount?

    January 3, 2015
    • No, sweeteners are not allowed on the Daniel Fast.

      January 4, 2015
      • refiloe sethololo (@pheladirs) #

        is brown bread and freshpack tea allowed in Daniel fasting

        January 5, 2015
      • Daniel Fast Team #

        Traditional breads including brown bread, is not allowed on the fast mainly due to the leavening in it. However, whole grain flat breads and tortillas (additive free, sweetener free) are allowed as an alternative.
        Try “Ezekiel brand whole wheat or whole grain tortillas”, they can be found in the freezer section of most Health food stores or at Trader Joe’s. Water is the only drinking beverage on the fast, so no tea.

        January 15, 2015
  9. melinda #

    Can I eat potatoes while on the fast?

    January 3, 2015
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Yes, either raw or cooked potatoes are allowed – as well as sweet potatoes. Be Blessed!

      January 3, 2015
  10. Camille Holmes #

    Is this ok for the Daniel fast :Tomato Juice from Concentrate (Water, Tomato Concentrate), Potassium Chloride Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Citric Acid, Salt, Flavoring, Malic Acid.
    I think the flavoring is not suitable. I`m not sure about the acids and I expect to find these on other labels. Would you confirm suitability for me please?

    January 2, 2015
    • Yes, the ingredients are all okay and of organic nature (as opposed to man-made chemicals). I assume you are using this in a recipe and not as a beverage. The only beverage on the Daniel Fast is water.

      Be blessed on your fast

      January 2, 2015
  11. Salote Baleiwai #

    Please update me of the Daniel fast recipes..

    December 27, 2014
  12. Bobby Jones #

    I have read the food list and I’m wondering are there any dressing you can eat with your salads and if so recommend some please.
    are whole wheat crackers or crackers in general are acceptable.

    November 7, 2014
    • Hi Bobby,

      It’s best to make your own salad dressing, which is so easy! Or you can use my favorite prepared dressing, Newman’s Own Oil and Vinegar, which is one of the few prepared dressings that complies with the Daniel Fast.

      Also, look for crackers that are made of whole grains and don’t have leavening agents, sweeteners or chemicals. Original Triscuits are one of that would be allowed.

      November 16, 2014
  13. Tertia Bezuidenhout #

    Where do I find the form to complete to receive the free gift of your book Daniel Fast Starter Kit?If I purchase the Daniel Fast Cookbook eBook will it have the same information as in starter kit book? Look forward to your reply. Blessings Tertia

    October 20, 2014
  14. Mark Wiggins #

    Starting the Daniel’s Fasting today, wondering if eating dill pickles are acceptable?

    October 1, 2014
    • Mark, you’ll need to read the list of ingredients on the food label. If the producer has added chemicals, artificial coloring, or sweeteners, then they would not be allowed. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

      Be blessed

      October 2, 2014
  15. yesenia #

    Can I squeeze orange or any other fruits and drink their natural juice as a other liquid

    September 23, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      The only drinking beverage on the fast is water. Freshly juiced fruits and 100% unsweetened juices can be used in recipes and in blended smoothies when used as a meal replacement, just not as a drinking beverage. Be blessed on your journey!

      September 25, 2014
  16. Sydney Laudero #

    Am I allowed to take multivitamins or supplements? I have a bad calcium deficiency and my doctor has put me on calcium supplements.

    September 13, 2014
    • Yes, Sydney. Follow all the instructions from your health providers. I say, “Follow the advice of your earthy physicians as you draw near to the Great Physician for complete healing.”

      Be blessed

      September 15, 2014
  17. Johanna Johnson #

    How many times must i pray ?

    September 1, 2014
    • No specific number of times. The purpose of fasting is to draw us closer to God and His truths. So you want to open your heart and dedicate time to be with the Lord so He can teach and minister to you.

      September 11, 2014
  18. Lori #

    Besides fruits and vegetables are nuts and crackers ok? And what about chewing gum?

    August 17, 2014
    • Hi Lori,

      You can review the Daniel Fast food list on this site or in the Daniel Fast book to find out the foods that are allowed. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are allowed. However, in all my searching chewing gum always has either sweeteners or chemicals (or both), which are not allowed on the fast. So you’ll need to hold off on the gum for now. :-)

      Be blessed.

      August 18, 2014
  19. miriam #

    How about coconut milk

    April 6, 2014
    • It’s probably okay. Read the list of ingredients on the food label to make sure they comply with the Daniel Fast guidelines.

      Be blessed!

      April 8, 2014
  20. Dee #

    Starting the Daniel Fast today in observance of Lent Season. Just wondering if Quaker Instant Oatmeal was acceptable?

    March 5, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Dee,
      The instant oatmeal might be fine. I think what has become one of our Daniel Fast mottos is “READ THE LABEL.” If in doubt, refer back to good old fashioned oatmeal. Be Blessed on your Fast!

      March 10, 2014
  21. Megan #

    Is Mrs dash ok to put in my spinach arugula salad?

    March 5, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Megan,
      All spices, salt, pepper and seasonings are allowed, as long as they are natural & free of additives and sweeteners. I am not familiar with the contents of Mrs. Dash seasonings, so read the ingredients list to make sure that there are no additives or sweeteners in it.

      March 10, 2014
  22. Tiffany #

    In addition to the previous post. Can Agave Nectar be used as a sweetner?

    March 4, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Tiffany,
      Agave nectar is not allowed due to it being a sweetener. Be blessed!

      March 10, 2014
  23. Tiffany #

    I’m not sure if I saw vinegar on the list or can or cannot. Can you use vinegar (white, balsamic, red or malt) as a dressing for green salads?

    March 4, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Tiffany yes, as long as the ingredients in the vinegar are okay . . . not chemicals, no sweeteners.

      March 10, 2014
  24. vanessa #

    God Bless you!! I want to do the Daniel fast ,but i yes want to know if i can use honey? Also this will be my first time !!!! I really want to get close to God :) pray for me pls

    February 28, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Vanessa, while all foods on the Daniel Fast are natural . . . not all natural foods are acceptable. Natural sweeteners such as honey, although natural…. it’s still a sweetener and to be avoided. I hope this helps!

      March 10, 2014
  25. Queyanni Coleman #

    Hi. I am currently on the Daniels fast. This is day 4. Wanted to know if I can eat honey nut Cheerios or Total Whole Grain cereal. I know I can only use the almond milk in my cereal. Thank u

    February 6, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Queyanni,
      Honey Nut Cheerios are not allowed due to the sugar in them (and probably the same is true for Total Whole Grain, check the Ingredients list). Whole grain cereals are fine (but they need to be free of sweeteners and additives), some things to look for that are possibly available in most areas would be Ezekiel brand cereals, and some varieties of Shredded Wheat, ex: There are also several cereals found in the Natural Foods section of grocery stores or at Health Food stores (just need to read some Ingredients labels, to check for natural sugars which could be added in), and then there is always good Old Fashioned Oatmeal…. Oh, another favorite is Muesli.
      You are correct, plant based milks are allowed only for use in recipes and on cereal (not as a drinking beverage). Be Blessed!

      February 21, 2014
  26. maria #

    Can you ‘juice’ your vegetables and drink them on the fast?

    thanks, Maria

    January 30, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Maria, water is the only drinking beverage allowed. Simply juicing fruits/vegetables get’s into a grey area and could be a bit too close to drinking juice rather than a smoothie as a meal replacement. Blended fruits and vegetables (made more hearty like Smoothies) are considered a “meal replacement” and these are allowed on the Daniel Fast again as a meal replacement. I hope this helps, Be Blessed!

      January 31, 2014
  27. Janet Orman #

    How about stevia? I have a stevia plant. Can I use the leaves in water and food?

    January 27, 2014
    • No, stevia is a sweetener and no sweeteners are allowed on the Daniel Fast.

      January 28, 2014
  28. I would want to start a daniel fast on the month of february,what kind of food i can ate after breaking,thanks.

    January 25, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Trevor,
      Ending the Fast: You’ll need to be careful during the first couple days of “ordinary eating.” To keep your body from rebelling loudly, reintroduce regular foods slowly. This is especially important when resuming coffee and caffeine, meat, dairy products and sweets. Small portions… are better and easing back into consumption of these foods is strongly advised. I hope this helps.

      January 29, 2014
  29. Buyi #

    Hi can u have fried hake fish on Daniel fasting?

    January 21, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Buyi,
      The Daniel Fast is completely plant based, so fish is not allowed. I hope this helps!

      January 23, 2014
  30. Norma #

    feeling so bless God is in control.

    January 20, 2014
  31. Anne #

    balsamic vinegar,garlic, sugar,salt and olive oil, is this ok?

    January 19, 2014
    • No sweeteners are allowed on the Daniel Fast, so this would not be okay. :-)

      January 29, 2014
  32. Fikile Mathonsi #

    Hi I wanted to know if I can eat samp on 21 days fasting

    January 13, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      YES, samp is fine, just first check the ingredients for sweeteners and additives. Be Blessed!

      January 20, 2014
  33. Marie #

    Can I drink Soy, Almond, or Coconut Milk?

    January 12, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Marie,
      All plant based milks (almond, rice, soy, coconut, etc.) that are free of sweeteners and additives are allowed, but only for use in “recipes and on cereal” (just not as a beverage, water is the only drinking beverage allowed on the fast). Be Blessed!

      January 22, 2014
  34. Brooke #

    Can you have chips on the Daniel fast my husband loves chips & salsa?

    January 7, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Brooke,
      Baked chips and salsa that is free of additives and sweeteners is allowed. Be Blessed!

      January 14, 2014
  35. Becky #

    I am starting this fast today, as a spiritual discipline to help me draw closer to God, find restoration in a relationship and become healthier. This website seems to be a God-send. Thank you.

    January 5, 2014
  36. Kinda Mitchell #

    Can you have oats for breakfast?

    January 4, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Yes, oats that are free of additives and sweeteners are great for breakfast. Be Blessed!

      January 10, 2014
  37. Bonnie Thompson #

    Our ministry All Walks Of Life Outreach Ministries INC, have just begun the Daniel Fast corporately today 1/2/14. Please pray for our ministry. We are doing a building project for the Kingdom. That why we are fasting and also for more spiritual enlightenment from Our Lord and savior. expecting great victory.. Thank you for your support and information on Daniel Fast.

    January 2, 2014
  38. Torie #

    Can you use corn tortilla shells? And what about cornbread- made without egg?

    January 2, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Torie,
      Corn tortillas are fine if the ingredients are free of additives and sweeteners. The corn tortillas shells are more than likely deep fried, so they would not be allowed on the fast. Cornbread made without eggs, yeast, baking soda/powder, sweeteners and additives etc. would be fine, just make sure to check the ingredients first. Be Blessed!

      January 9, 2014
  39. Donna, I am a diabetic and I take three shots of insulin a day. do you have any special ideas for me.

    January 1, 2014
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi James,
      The Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat, and many people with Type 2 diabetes are able to balance their blood sugar levels with the food they eat and can soon eliminate or drastically reduce the meds they take. The same is true with insulin-dependent diabetics – often able to greatly reduce the amount of insulin necessary to balance their BS levels.
      You will want to make sure to eat foods that are “low on the glycemic index” and not sugary fruits, complex carbohydrates rather than simple carbohydrates as they are processed very differently in the body. Keep in mind that whole grains, legumes and leafy green vegetables are excellent sources of protein, to learn more about plant based protein, go to: We encourage you to take a copy of the guidelines to your doctor, when you combine the Daniel Fast guidelines with the advice of your health care professional you will have a clear idea if any modifications to the eating plan are needed for your optimal health during your fast.
      You can order a copy of the Daniel Fast Guidelines by going to and enter your email address, they will be emailed back to you. Be BLESSED on your Journey!

      January 7, 2014
  40. danyale #

    salad dressings ?

    December 19, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      You can have salad dressings made with olive oil, vinegar and seasonings, or there are many recipes in the Daniel Fast Cookbooks Also, for a prepared dressing that fits the Daniel Fast is Newman’s Own Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing….also I understand that there are a couple organic dressings made by Annie’s Naturals which do not have sugar or other “none Daniel Fast” ingredients. So check the Ingredients list to see which ones are okay, I hope this helps!

      December 22, 2013
  41. dana #

    I know water is the only approved beverage but can you put lemon or cucumber and mint in the water?

    December 1, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Yes, a slice or a splash of fresh lemon, slice of cucumber, cinnamon stick, or sprigg of mint leaf is fine in water. Be Blessed!

      December 2, 2013
  42. Heidi #

    Does the cookbook include scripture readings for the 21 days?

    September 7, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Heidi,
      “The Daniel Fast: Feed your soul, Strengthen your spirit, and Renew your body” in the book that has the 21 day daily devotional in it. Be Blessed!

      September 9, 2013
  43. Thank you. I would like recipes soon and I am on fixed income and hope to purchase recipe book soon. I really need to continue the Daniel fast for more then 21days. Thank you!

    June 21, 2013
    • There are many recipes on our sites. Also, remember that any recipe you have in your own collection that is completely plant-based and complies with the Daniel Fast Guidelines will work for your fast!

      Be blessed!

      June 21, 2013
  44. Sierra #

    hi! i am a college student at a very small college. i am six days in the daniel fast and i was wondering if we can eat whole grain bread since we can eat whole grain flour

    April 20, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Sierra,
      Traditional whole grain bread is not allowed on the fast mainly due to the leavening in it. However, whole grain flat breads and tortillas (additive free, sweetener free) are allowed as an alternative. Try “Ezekiel brand whole wheat or whole grain tortillas”, they can be found in the freezer section of most Health food stores or at Trader Joe’s. Be blessed on your Fast!

      April 29, 2013
  45. Thank God for everything I jst read now. I did nt know anything about it. But our interscession team is starting 2mro. Im nt sure what to eat or nt. Drinks? I need prayers and advice plz help me. God bless

    March 31, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Kate,
      Here is a general list of the Daniel Fast allowed foods: All fruits, All vegetables, All whole grains, All whole grain flours (and pastas), All Nuts and seeds, All legumes (beans), All quality oils. Beverages: Water only – spring water, distilled water or other pure waters, and yes, tap water is good, if that is all you have available. MISC Items: tofu, soy products, vinegar, seasonings, salt, herbs and spices (remember, All foods must be free of chemical additives and sweeteners). For a complete list you can order a copy of the Daniel Fast Guidelines (which includes the meal planning guide) by going to and enter your email address, they will be emailed back to you. I hope this helps!

      April 2, 2013
  46. rayma #

    Alot of canned fruits and veggies include mystery additives and chemicals, how do you know what kind to buy off the shelf??

    March 22, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Hi Rayma,
      Both citric acid and calcium chloride are used as natural preservatives in a lot of canned foods. They are considered natural as they are derived from plants, so they are allowed on the Daniel Fast. Look for “lite” canned fruit, those are usually canned only the natural fruit juice of the canned item with no additional sweetener added.
      Here is a list of other food additives to avoid:
      Aluminum salts,,Artificial colors, Artificial flavorings, Artificial sweeteners, Bisulfate, BHA, BHT, BVO, Caffeine, Carrageenan, EDTA
      Partially hydrogenated oil (Burger King, some restaurants, frozen food manufacturers and bakeries still use it)
      MSG (FDA lets companies use these terms instead of MSG: Audolyzed yeast/casein/caseinate/Broth/ glutamate/hydrolyzed/hydrolyzed protein)
      Mycoprotein (some people react to it with nausea, vomiting or anaphylactic reactions. Only Quorn meat substitutes uses it)
      “Natural smoke flavor” , Olestra, Potassium bromate (causes cancer in animals, watch for it in bakery products)
      Propylene glycol, Propyl gallate, Sodium benzoate, Sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite, Sorbitol, Sulfur dioxide. Might be a good idea to print this and carry it with you to the store. For more information on food additives to avoid, go to: I hope this helps, Be Blessed!

      March 26, 2013
  47. Started the fast today…this is my first week. Asking for prayers to get through…..thanks in advance..

    March 11, 2013
  48. Caroline M #

    I started the Daniel Fast today and so far so good,Please pray for me to finish it,I will also be strong for the devil not to tempt me

    February 11, 2013
    • Daniel Fast Team #

      Standing in firm agreement with you for God’s very best to be completed in you and through you, in Jesus Strong Name!

      February 14, 2013
  49. Zulma Rodriguez #

    I was wondering if I can eat BLACK RICE while on the Daniel Fast?

    February 8, 2013
    • Yes, as long is it’s a whole grain.

      Be blessed on your fast!

      February 8, 2013
      • Marlena #

        What about honey? Is honey allowed in oatmeal?

        January 31, 2014
      • Daniel Fast Team #

        Hi Marlena,
        No sweeteners allowed on the fast, instead add fruit to your morning oatmeal. Be Blessed!

        January 31, 2014
  50. Donna #

    Hi Daniel Fast Team

    I just wepted as I read your posts .Keep me in your Prayers…
    What is so interesting , is that I had the Holy Spirit prompt the same message to me in my spirit this morning to start a Daniel Fast starting 2mrw and leaving me with exactly 21days to go. What was so amazing was I have loss sleep for the past 2 nights now…and I was pleading with God this morning just 2 give me a few hrs sleep , I’ve prayed read the bible the bible & spaced up and down until after 5am this morning…by the time I dosed off the kids was up getting ready for
    school …I was so upset that I couldn’t get sleep, anyway I felt the need to go into my recorded message on my Dstv dated the 15/01/13 (which pls note is exactly 22days ago today).I can’t recall watching it be4 but it was a Jentezen Franklyn message on Fasting …I’ve been going through a real bad patch myself for past two yrs or more of marriage , unemployment , alone with my kids with so many things I need closure with and one battle after the other…ect but my Relentless Spirit just keeps on going “All the Glory & Praise belongs to God” *Amen* Nevertheless as I ventured into this new year starting off only with God by my side and my kids… I felt a shift in my spirit but could not place it!!! Unspeakable peace and just content but that is what I’ve been praying for so as I mediate and await expectantly on God everyday with new hope for a breakthrough , on a response from a job interview I had gone on or something!!! But faith is just seems to grow daily…yes I do have my moments of despair and loneliness coz it seems that since I am not working nobody but God seems to care , all the doors closing around me , no visitors , no calls …just seem to have vanished in family , friends and husband’s life…when I was once so needed and loved by church people …my phone was always on standby for anybody and everybody… how much more I asked God …what do I need to do to tap into my Godly purpose and Destiny…all the doors are closing I already know the answers before people reject me. The part I didn’t get was I am in the pursuit of it all and all God is doing is revealing to me who is for me and who is against me and who is going to crossover the finish line with me. As I stepped into my closet the Holy Spirit starting talking to me and said in order to breakthrough complete Victory and breakdown these wall’s ,relationship bondages and make a complete gene rational change for me , my children and their children this is it !!! I will asked the Holy spirit or reference in the word as I don’t know where to start !!! I just started shaking , crying weeping like a baby becoz I left a yoke being broken…I opened my bible on Isaiah 41:10 ” The Holy Spirit was. With me all day I have just been weeping …coz I can taste the victory …all I need to do is put all have left of me into the fast and God has promised to walk me through it and put his hand on my hand …just as the scripture above says and it was exactly was Ps Jentezen Franklyn was preaching on “Stepping over Into Complete Victory by Fasting” but how spot on is God and always has his Holy Spirit to guide us and his word is so clear when he speaks …I really feel so overwhelmed mere words cannot express…I did I fast last year but all that happened was I had my cars back to the bank coz I could not keep up with payments, had no response from jobs, my husband doesn’t want to give a divorce and goes on drinking sprees , everybody abandoned me so I really felt rejected to the end…but God has carried me up to date and revealed to me “This Fast is Different…last year I was only alienating you , setting you apart , did some house cleaning for you coz there where people in your life that have to remain in the past coz they are not going to be part of your Destiny and my Godly purpose for you…I have new people in mind connected to the blessing that awaits you as you finish of strong!!! See John15:5 & John 14:27….(The Holy Spirit directs every step in reference to the word) and continues and says to me…” This Fast will be leading you in a new direction of complete restoration and a time to build up again, bring together just as my word says in Ecclesiastes 3vs 1-8 and what’s more is my helper is going to fast with me…she is a God fearing woman who has been the only one here for me as a mother and a praying friend…and she only walked into my life about 4 months ago!!! As I said good by to her today I told her that I l know the last interview I went for the Job is mine …I just know it ….but God needs me to go through this fast first and they will get back to me and she said she’s just tired of seeing me stressed out and nobody is calling back!!! A few minutes after she left …I Got an email from the agency saying that the Financial Director will only be in the Country sometime next week so I must please be patient…I mean just after I claimed the job and I only it will only be from the 1st of March becoz my fast will finish on exactly the 28th of Feb…God is so God I can’t stop weeping …but its tears of silent joy being released ,I can’t stop writing ….I feel so loved and special and secure in God and most of all so humbled….coz nothing I have been through will be wasted …God was just retooling me …I will need every test and trial I’ve been through I will be able to testify about God’s goodness in my Life…I Please Daniel Fast Team keep me in your prayers as I journey on into my God Given Destiny and Purpose that will change my Life forever” I love the Lord …he heard my deep cries late at night early hours of the morning!!!

    February 7, 2013
    • Danelle Mcminn #

      So what happened??? Did you get the job????? Please I am dying to know?

      June 20, 2013

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